Friday, April 18, 2008


If there's one thing I hate... absolutely abhor. It's roaches. This morning my son was watching his morning PBS cartoons and he screams, "Mommy! A big bug! A BIG one!!!" I look on my living room curtains and there...sho a huge ugly disgusting roach. So I did what any calm, sensible, stay at home wife would do. I screamed...."Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!"

I ran to our bedroom... got my husbands biggest looking shoe and ran back. Then I took a deep breath and prayed a prayer to Jesus that I would not slam the shoe so hard on the bug that it would break the window. And POW! Then... nothing. I looked on the bottom of the shoe. Nothing. I looked on the curtain, half expecting to see bug guts everywhere...nothing. I looked on the floor...nothing. What the heck???

Now, and forever, until I find this sucker... I am going to 1. not be able to sit on my couch and relax (the curtains and windows are right behind it) and 2. be obsessed that it's going to be crawling on me at any given moment. (sigh)

Sometimes I hate Florida.


Bethany said...


Donna said...

Eeeewwwww! I hope you find his nasty carcass soon so you can relax. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Get one of the little hotels that they check into and never leave, kind of like the "hotel California" for roaches.

Sarah said...

Ah! Roaches are right up there with snakes in my book as my two least favorite 'animals'. I hate it when I see one and then can't find it! I hope you find him (dead) very, very soon :)

Michaela Dean said...

Just moved into apartment and I have seen so many dang roaches we have been staying in a hotel for 3 days until the office opens on Monday we have been at this apartment for 3 days we want out not to mention terminex states that the roaches will continue to a problem due the apartments around us ...dang roaches