Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Snitchers Chark Bar, anyone?

I saw a shirt one time that said, "I'm Not Drunk. I'm Diabetic." and I laughed my butt off! It's so true. When I get extreme hypoglycemia I stumble back and forth, running into the walls down the hallway into the kitchen, slurring my words like a babbling drunk.


The other night I said something to my husband that I'm sure I'll be teased about for months. We were driving home from church, which is a good 45 minute trek and my CGMS started beeping in my purse. 54. I had already drank the juice I had with me, and eaten my granola bar earlier. (sigh) So we had to stop at a gas station even though we were only 15 minutes from home. I told him I'd been wanting to try the new Snickers Charge Bar... but apparently what really came out of my mouth was, "I'm gonna get a Snitchers chark bar." He couldn't stop laughing. I was so confused. At least my diabetes can provide some fun entertainment to Hunkalicious.


Donna said...

My family has had a great time enjoying some of my lows. I'm glad I can be their entertainment - just wish I didn't have to go low to do it. I've done the slurring my words like a babbling drunk, too. LOL!

Scott K. Johnson said...

ha! That's great stuff!

And what a sweet shirt!

pattie said...

Adorable :)