Sunday, March 9, 2008


My husband and I started a new "thing." Every day when he comes home from work, we kiss for 15 seconds. I'm usually somewhere near the kitchen making dinner. He walks in, and I turn to the microwave and set it for :15.... then I push start and we kiss until it beeps. Yes, it may not be the "greenest" of marital traditions, but our son absolutely adores it. He jumps up and down and can't wait for Daddy to pay attention to him. It's one of my most favorite few seconds of the day.


Donna said...

You guys are so cute!

Naomi said...

Only 15? Hee hee!

My husband and I will do long kisses in front of the kids just so they will scream, "EWWWWW!!!!" :-)

Angela said...

fantastic idea!

a wandering heart said...

That is so cute!

k2 said...


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