Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Love You, Pump.

Well, I tried the pump vacation for about 48 hours and it was mostly a roller coaster of ups and downs with a definitive lack of steady lines.   Plus, I have a handful of purple bruises that make me look like a battered wife.    I still plan on bringing both options onto the cruise, and will play it by ear... but I'm thinking I might stick with my pump.  

I missed her.

I missed always having a clock attached to my body. (I know there is this invention called a wrist watch, but have never needed to wear one because of my pump!)

  I missed micro-boluses.   (Do I want to eat one Vanilla wafer and not have to give myself a shot for it? Yes.)

My pump is my friend.


LisaArmstrong said...

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Change said...

I hear ya! I kind of like the thing attached to me.

Ricky Bass said...

I have taken care if diabetics for years and I had not heard previously of such an attachment to your pump. Really interesting!!