Wednesday, April 22, 2009

5 Reasons Why Having Diabetes Is Cool...

In attempts to try to focus on gratitude today... I've decided to list 5 reasons why having diabetes is cool. I had to really rack my brain for this one.

5. Because I wear an awesome Animas pump with a wicked cool back light... I always have a flashlight to guide me down dark
hallways at night. See? Diabetes prevents me from tripping over toys, clothes, and Jack Russell Terriers.

4. When strangers ask me if I have the time, I can ALWAYS say yes and reach down for my CGM or my pump. Diabetes lets
me help strangers....

3. If a child is crying... I always have Smarties around to cheer them up. Diabetes helps me make children smile.

2. If a friend is on a diet and isn't sure if they should order that fattening sandwich, I can instantly rattle off the carb and fat
count for them. Diabetes allows me to help dieters.

1. If I say something stupid and regret saying it the moment it comes out of my mouth, I can always blame it on low blood
sugar. Diabetes makes me look more intelligent (or like a stuttering drunk, it's all relative).

Sometimes you just need to take a step back and laugh at a chronic illness.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Gratitude is good. And so is humor. Good stuff! :-)

Charity said...

Windy, you are awesome. You are taking this evil thing about which there is nothing to naturally inspire gratefulness and you are making it speak to the glory of God. My friend Karen's daughter was diagnosed last fall. She's 6. I sent Karen here and she said she was really encouaged reading your blog. You are such a blessing to so many!!!!