Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chili's NEW Guiltless Grill

Hey Diabetes O.C.!!

I am a member of Buzz Agent which means sometimes I get to sample some REALLY cool products. I was recently sent some coupons from Chili's to try their new Guiltless Grill entrees so we grabbed a couple friends and scored some DELICIOUS food.... that was HEALTHY to boot! I picked the Honey Mustard Salmon with steamed veggies and folks... it was gooooooooooood. It was extremely low carb and totally DELICIOUS! My hubby picked the steak. I tried a bite and it was good too... nothing to flip over, but it was tasty. (Keepin it real for my diabetic peeps) Anyways... I've always been a fan of Chili's and their addicting as heck Chips and Queso, so it is nice to see some great items on their menu that will appeal to the diabetic crowd and won't send my blood sugars to the moon. I absolutely hate sacrificing taste for health, and I truly feel that with these menu items on the Guiltless Grill, I don't have to! Thanks Chili's!!!

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phonelady said...

I know right I cannot tell you how many time I have had to sacrifice taste for the carb and calorie content . It really is scary and my hubby and I have really curbed going out to eat not because of the carb to calorie ratio . it is the economy and how things are getting more and more costly to do . If things dont change people will be living in their cars and under bridges cause they wont be able to pay for the basics . You know thanks for letting us in on this deal with chilis .