Sunday, April 12, 2015

Whole30 Day 27-29

It has been such a busy weekend!  Had a big fundraiser car wash for Rapha House with my students and helped with a sweet friend's baby shower.  Had some very good clean eating along the way.

Can you kinda tell I'm over the food journaling thing and have sort of just aclimated to doing it?  I think that's good news.  Everything about eating this way seems more natural and I feel I'm ready to implement amounts of dairy and grains back in.... very moderately and cautiously, as to not deprive myself of stuff but to really see the big picture of the benefits of putting great things into my body.

I haven't had a diet soda in 29 days.

I HAVE had lots of veggies, fruits, eggs and proteins.  

I successfully went on a fun trip to fill your own Slurpee Cup day at 7-11 without getting a Slurpee.  Justin filled a 2 liter.  Zoe filled a 32 oz cup.  We contemplated bringing a kiddie pool, but decided against it.   Good memories.  

Today I rested and played the catch up game.  I'm kind of still playing it.   Made some chicken salad, egg salad, and tuna salad for lunches this week.

Am I going to drink a diet coke on Tuesday?  Yes.   Am I going to eat grains?  No.

I am going to start an exercise plan on Tuesday to celebrate completion of Whole30.  Probably T-25 again.  I feel like if I exercise on top of these healthy habits... I'll be golden and have even more flexibility in options.  

Should get my A1c result tomorrow from my PCP.  

Whole30 has taught me that eating healthy really matters.



I mean... we all know that putting bad things in your body does not equal good results for your life.  We just like to make excuses as to why we can not maintain healthy eating and ignore the fact that we are hurting ourselves. ALSO... PIZZA IS AWESOME.    Though my family hasn't done the plan with me, they have enjoyed the benefits of having less crap around and more good foods.  I'm thankful to continue on this path to good clean eating for the Cobourne Clan>  

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Whole30 Day 26- The Pickle Saga

Not a perfect day.  It was until the fried pickles.

B-  Fruit, Coffee, Water.  I was chugging the water today

L- LaCroix, Carrots and Celery, Cashews, Sweet potato chips, a red plum... I snacked my way through the day without much protein because I need to go grocery shopping which led to my.....



Luckily we were there with a few of our 55+ early bird friends, which led to quick service and great prices.   I ordered a water.  Kids got arnold palmer's  (Gabe thought it was funny that he was drinking an Arnold Palmer and the Golf Channel was on the TVs.)   Zoe on the other hand couldn't get over how awesome it was that she was allowed to throw her peanut shells all over the floor.

Zoe ate 4 rolls with that puffy hydrogenated honey butter in front of me.  Then she asked for more.  HAHA!

Justin finally arrived, but it was too late... I had already ordered fried pickles thinking... My kids will LOVE these!

Zoe thought they were gross.   Gabe ate like 3 and said... eh.   Which left the whole basket.

I probably ate about half of it.


Then I ordered a 6 oz. medium staeak with onions and steamed brocolli and a plain sweet potato.

I didn't eat bread.  I didn't gorge on pickles.  And I stuck to my ice water.   I'm gonna call it a win.

Thus ends pickle saga.    I confess these things to encourage you guys who are doing this, or thinking of doing this... not to quit because you don't reach perfection.  Keep trucking.  Keep making progress and be mindful of good changes.  If you strive for 100% and hit 90%.... you're still making progess and not regressing your health into terrible things that happen when you ignore reality.

Haven't done a blood test all day.  I'll go do one now.   See you folks tomorrow.  4 more days.
Monday I might have a piece of cheese.
The exciting life I live.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Whole30 Day 24 and 25

Good days.  Busy days at work!

B-  Egg casserole, fruit, coffee, water

L- Romaine, fruit, lunch meat slices

D- Chicken meatballs in maranara with spaghetti squash, steamed brocolli

Snacks- sweet potato chips, fruit, cashews, green beans in coconut oil

I've serious not been able to keep up at work because I had to leave early for a doctor appt today.  Tomorrow is a very busy day too!  Pray for strength!

Will get A1c blood sugar blood work back in a few days.  Hope it's lower than my last 8.4!  Expecting it to be!  My doctor was so encouraging about all my good changes this month.   I've also come off my long term anxiety/depression meds and all my TIA meds from November (Plavix and Aspirin)   I might continue the baby Aspirin therapy.  Thinking on it.  Was getting bruises.  But bruises are better than strokes.

I don't miss bread or pasta anymore.  I miss cheese and cereal... don't miss the bad blood sugars.  Still miss Diet Coke.  Especially from fountain machines.  Love cold bottled water.  Bad for the earth... but delicious in my mouth.

Made mayo, egg salad and tuna salad tonight for lunches tomorrow and Friday.  :)  

Blood sugars and weight seemed to have leveled off.  Was 121 at doctors today so haven't lost or gained.  Still at 17 upd on my pump plus minor boluses.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Whole30 Day 23

Breakfast-  Breakfast egg and veggie casserole.  Coffee

Lunch-  Pork loin over Romaine leaves with grapes, carrots and celery  

Dinner-  Pei Wei Thai chicken lettuce wraps.   SO SPICY but really good.  From the description they looked very close to compliant.    No rice. :)   I didn't want to cook after the ungodly amount of money that was spent at the dentist.  So I spent more at Pei Wei.    (Makes sense, right?)  

To bed early.  Had a dentist appt today and drank tons of water.  Work tomorrow!  Miss my students!   7 days to go!  Home stretch!    

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Whole30 Day 20, 21 and 22!

Easter weekend has been crazy!  Absolutely crazy busy!  I stayed solid on day 20 and 21, but I'm not going to food journal because it's Easter and I led worship at Sunrise service and then rocked 6 cranky-ish babies and then ate my sister's delish-i-oh-so pork and then played in a pool and now I'm ready to sleep for maybe a month.

I have Damaris on the Food Network in the back ground again.  She's making a chocolate peanut butter cake.   Why do I do this to myself?

Breakfast-  Woke up at 5am and made coffee and ate a half banana.  When we got to church after sunrise service the amazing men's ministry cooked hot breakfast and I had some eggs with peppers and some bacon.  Yum.  Huge blessing.

Lunch-  My sister made this awesome pulled pork loin that was just amazing.  Also had a bit of my Mom's homemade potato salad and some celery and carrots.

Dinner-  It's only 4:10... but I'll go light and have a huge salad for dinner and maybe more leftover pork or a hard boiled egg.  

I find myself randomly crying about things lately.  Like I told our music pastor (and my good friend) how good he was at his job becuase he is... and he mentors young musicians like no one I've ever seen... and I just started sobbing and then blamed bread for my tears.   It was a really hard break up. Bread is like the bad boy ex boyfriend who you knew was no good for you but was really good with peanutbutter and jelly... wait, that analogy totally tanked.  Nevermind.  I blame bread again.  

I still hate kale. Stop the kale propoganda.  Arugula and watercress is where the party's at.  Watercress is AMAZING.  Go get some.  

Only 1 week to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Whole30 Day19

Breakfast- Coffee.  Stomach probs.

Lunch-  Arby's.   Roast beef and curly fries.   Yup.  I died today.  I failed completely. I had a headache, was hangry, had low blood sugar, was unprepared, not feeling well at all and just wanted grease.   So I did it.   I ate Arby's.  So I'm going to give myself grace and move right along.  I'm sad about it... but it is what it is.

Dinner- Tons of water, leftover chicken and veggies.   Honeydew

Justin and Gabe are on a fishing trip so Zoe and I are going to have a girls day tomorrow and get our nails done and do a big shopping trip and make some sweet Easter stuff that is Whole30 compliant.

10 more days.

Sugars went WAY up after Arby's. Even with a decent bolus.  It's back into the 90s now.  My body feels icky.   I'm just going to keep chugging water and snack on fibrous fruit tonight to get it out of my system.

Tomorrow, there will be salmon.   Lots of salmon.

Whole30 Day 18

Breakfast-  Eggs and berries, Coffee.  This is my standby

Lunch- Eggs Salad.  It's so good... can't get enough


Dinner- Grilled chicken with sauteed veggies and fresh greenbeans grilled with coconut oil and salt and pepper

Diabetes-  All good.  All day.